NEC to relaunch outside Japan

NEC, the third largest manufacturer of mobile phones in Japan, is planning to release its handsets outside of Japan and has selected 2010 as the date of the official launch.


This is not the first time the company has dipped its toe into the world markets. In fact, Europeans saw the company's products as recently as 2007. However, losses meant that the company retreated back to its home territory.


Now that mobile phone demand in Japan has dropped by 29%, the company feels that it needs to expand its market - and quick.


Company spokesman, Shinya Hashizume, did reveal, however, that the company requires to reach certain targets to make such a move feasible. Talking to the Reuters website, he said that, "We would need to sell at least 1 million units to make it worthwhile."


Another reason for the move is NEC competitor, Sharp's, intention to also enter the world market with a targeted figure of 4 million phone sales.


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