Samsung micro-projector launched in Europe

The Samsung micro-projector - also known as the MBP200 - details of which were seen and featured here last March, has finally appeared as part of the European release of the design. For sale, initially in Germany, the MBP200 was originally slated for a May release and appears to have stole a lead on competitors for this niche market.


The MBP200, which features a stocky form measuring 110 × 49 x 19mm, is able to project an image size of between five and 50 inches at a QVGA resolution whilst packing in 480×320 pixels, according to the Intomobile website. It also arrives with a screen spanning 2.2in and a touch sensitive keypad. Entertainment is aided by a built in 3.5mm headphone socket plus a media player that will support the playing of both music and videos as well as static images and, to boost the internal memory, a microSDHC slot can expand the capacity to 16GB. The price for the new phone is €500.


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