Vodafone cuts internet costs when abroad

Having just slashed international roaming costs when it comes to making calls, Vodafone has now reduced the cost to surf the internet via your phone or laptop when overseas. From £4.99 per day, Vodafone customers will be able to use the internet on their phone for up to 25MB across Europe. With 25MB at their disposal, users would have enough data to browse approximately 250 internet pages, read and reply to 25 emails, find your way to a restaurant on Google Maps, read eight news stories on the BBC website, change your status on Facebook and watch three 90 second videos on YouTube.


Customers will only be charged £4.99 when they reach 1MB, with 100KB costing just 50p. Once they exceed 25MB they will be charged another £4.99 for another 25MB of data usage. Laptop users when in Europe will be charged £9.99 for 50MB. When Vodafone customers find themselves outside of Europe it will cost £14.99 for each 25MB of data used on their mobile and £29.99 for every 50MB through a laptop.


It's worth noting that a day will be classified from midnight to midnight UK time, no matter what time zone customers find themselves in.

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