European mobile phone tax dropped

How many of you realized that you were an EU Commission meeting away from seeing the price of all navigation-enabled phones (such as the new Samsung Jet et al) rise by 3.7%, and, even worse, the price of mobile TV-enabled phones (such as the Nokia 5800) rise by a whopping 14%? This followed a December 2008 note that the EU Commission sent to member states proposing to reclassify many phones as "multi-functional devices".


If this is all news to you then fear not, because that same EU Commission has had a change of heart. Or, rather, they've been leant on by the likes of Nokia and Sony Ericsson who feared that such a tax would put another nail in the European mobile industry, slowing the demand for mobile phones further, especially when you consider the current financial climate.


Speaking to the Reuters website, Ewa Bjorling, Sweden's Trade Minister, declared that, "We need more products and businesses free of tariffs, not less, and therefore today's decision and the backing that was achieved is a very positive signal."


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