Overheating iPhones glow pink

A number of iPhone 3G S users are complaining that their new handsets are overheating. To such an extent that it is actually physically painful to hold them. In fact, some owners of the white cased version of the 3G S, which is proving to be Apple's most popular iteration of the iPhone family, have actuallty seen their phones glow pink with the heat (see the accompanying image from the Le Journal Du Geek website). Other users are complaining that the batteries, which are supposed to have a longer life than the previous iPhone model, the 3G, actually drain quicker.


One user complained to Apple's support forums that, "I am definitely experiencing issues with the iPhone running warm and quick battery life lost. The phone seems to warm up almost immediately if I am doing anything that pulls data over the network. It doesn't get burning hot but very noticeably warm."


Whilst another said that, "I was on a call for 20 minutes and it was so uncomfortably hot I had to put it on speaker."


Talking to The Telegraph website, Aaron Vronko of Rapid Repair, an iPhone repair centre, blamed faulty batteries and, "My guess is there's going to be a whole lot of batteries affected because these [iPhones] are from very large production runs."


Apple did not comment.


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