Samsung 'Blade' launches on Vodafone

Appealing to the "cool kids" of the "young, hip generation", Vodafone appears set to rename the Samsung S5600 to the Samsung Blade when it launches on Voda UK later this year.


Based on its current availability in Spain, the Blade will be known as such because of its blade-like prism button on the front, which replaces the square button, and will weigh a trim four grams less than the phone known as S5600 (which launched in the UK exclusive to Orange).


And as reported before, the phone is available in black, pink and whitoe, and also sports a 3.2-megapixel camera complete with smile shot, Shazam's 'Find Music' service (Samsung's sure into their mid-market music phones of late) aand a microSD card slot capable of housing cards of up to 8GB. The touch-screen meanwhile measures in at 2.8 inches.


The S5600 is available free on a contract in Spain and on Orange here in the UK. No confirmation yet, but we assume the "swell" new Blade will also be free on Vodafone when it launches.

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