Nokia working on 12-megapixel phones?

Reports have reached us that Nokia is working on a range of mobile phones that will support a built in camera with a specification of 12-megapixels. When you consider that the company only has one handset that reaches 8-megapixels - the N86 [see picture] - this is quite a step upwards and would follow the likes of LG Sony Ericsson and Samsung into the realms of quality photography.


Following leaked reports from both Nokia and the specialist lens producer, Carl Zeiss, it is believed that Nokia will reveal the phones officially later this year, says the Mobileburn website.


Further details of the new phone specification are scant, apart from word that the new Nokia camera may include an optical zoom which will place the new phones above the forthcoming Sony Ericsson Satio and Samsung Pixon 12. Nokia is no stranger to the optical zoom, actually, one is fitted to the older N93/N93i but that includes a 3.2-megapixel camera only.


No official word was forthcoming from Nokia itself.


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