Atrio M8 earphones designed to replace standard iPhone units

Atrio has released a new set of earphones designed to replace the standard fare that you receive from Apple and compete with releases from Ultimate Ears and Shure. Based on dynamic driver technology, which means that each ear-bud actas like a tiny speaker in your ear as opposed to the armiture technology used by the likes of Shure, the new phones have been hailed for both their sound quality and comfort.


According to the iPhone World website, "...they sound like your favorite analog LP album vs a digital version of the same music. The digital version may be technically more accurate, but the analog version has presence. There is some rustling sound on the wires when bumped, but I've gotten used to it."


The Atrios phones arrive in four variants which sound rather dramatic:  m3, m5, m8 and m9. However, the differences do not reflect technical specification changes, only differences in colour. You also receive a carrying case and a variety of differently sized silicone and foam tips as well as a cleaning tool.


Out now, the Atrio phones retail for $200.


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