Cute covers for your iPhone 3G S

There are already a wide range of protective covers to buy for the Apple iPhone. Now that the new iPhone 3G S has been released, there will, undoubtedly, be many more but few that look so distinctive as this selection from Etsy. They certainly make a change from hard plastic and silicon.


The cover choice breaks down into the following. The felt animal casings are listed at $23, the Fushia casing is priced at $25, the Domo Kun, Cactus and Pink Bear covers are listed at $23 whilst the decorative ribbon affair retails at a rather pricier $45.


To buy the cover of your choice, click on the link below to peruse the covers within a slideshow. Once you have made your buying choice, click on the link, situated in the descriptive text next to the image. You will then be taken directly to the shopping site page for that item.


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