Early iPhone 3G S buyers dump their Blackberrys

A survey, published by Piper Jaffray of 256 early iPhone 3G S owners has revealed that 12% of those owners dropped their own Blackberry mobile phones in order to buy the new iPhone. Intriguing because a similar survey polled upon the launch of the earlier 3G model, saw only 6% dropping their Blackberry phones. The most recent market share figures from Gartner rank Apple third with a 10.8% share, behind second-place RIM with its 19.9% slice of the market (Nokia is way out in front with 41.2%).


Of those iPhone 3G S owners surveyed, 43% bought the higher capacity, 32GB, model while 57% bought the lower capacity, 16GB, model. When the previous, 3G, model was released, 66% of buyers bought the highest capacity model - then 16GB. When the original iPhone was released, 95% bought the top capacity model of 6GB, according to the Apple Insider website.


Buyers of the new 3G S appear to be largely happy with the lower capacity model, therefore, which casts some doubt on Apple's current and future pricing policies of setting high prices on new iPhone iterations purely based on memory capacity.


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