Vyke Mobile delivers low cost international calls

Skype HQ must be looking over their shoulder with news of a new VoIP mobile service being announced. Vyke Mobile, the brainchild of Vyke.com, is a free application that aims to help save on international calls and texts direct from your mobile. As with Skype, Vyke customers will be able to call and text each other for free, though only within a Wi-Fi hotspot, while the company promises up to 95% savings on international landline and mobile calls from within a Wi-Fi zone.


Even outside a Wi-Fi hotspot, Vyke offers up to 95% savings on international text messages, 65% savings on international calls, as well as landline calls from just two pence an hour to 22 countries within the aptly named 'Vyke Zone'. Even when travelling abroad, find yourself a Wi-Fi spot and you'll be able to call and text without any additional roaming charges.


Vyke claims to be compatible with up to 90% of current handsets. To find out if yours is compatible, visit www.vyke.com/features.

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