Improve your signal with Vodafone Access Gateway

Despite 3G coverage having vastly improved across the UK, it would seem that Vodafone has recognised there is still room for improvement. Step forward the Vodafone Access Gateway. Quick and easy to install, the device aims at bringing improved 3G coverage into your home, avoiding distorted or a loss of reception when making and receiving calls. Around the same size as a standard internet router, the Vodafone Access Gateway plugs directly into any home broadband line.


Compatible with all 3G handsets, the Gateway can support up to four voice calls at any one time as well providing access to Vodafone's full array of services via their phones.


Available from 1 July, the Vodafone Access Gateway is available from free or as part of an inclusive price plan from £15 a month, a one off purchase of £160, or from £5 a month. Customers will need to register online the mobile numbers they want synched with the device which can be ordered from Vodafone stores or at

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