Google Voice grabs 1 million phone numbers

Google Voice - one number to rule them all (with apologies to JRR Tolkien) is the basic premise of the latest Google service that is destined to join the new Sync and Product Search utilities. That is, no-matter how many phone numbers you actually own, the Google Voice service provides you with one phone number that will ring them all.


According to the PC World website, the service features a number of interesting features such as call transfers between your phones, multi-party conferencing, conversion of voice calls to text messages, cut-rate international calling and call transcription.


With the company reserving one million numbers in anticipation, some observers expected the service to have been launched on June 18th. However, Google, it appears, is keeping us waiting.


"I've only been using Google Voice for a few months, but it's completely changed the way I use voicemail and communicate, just in general," said Kevin Dando, director of digital and education communications for PBS. "When it goes public, I think the rush to grab Google Voice numbers is going to be stunning. I know some of my friends check the Google Voice page almost every day to see when they can grab a number and get started using it."


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