Fourth Android phone in UK by September?

Looks like manufacturers are finally letting out those Android handsets. T-Mobile just announced the G1 Touch, its second phone to run on the Android operating system, and now we might be seeing the fourth Android mobile phone to come to the UK.


The H7 from Chinese manufacturer Haier will also be the first Android handset aimed at a mass market (cough, low-spec, cough). Haier recently announced its launch in France this September. While just speculation at this point, its French debut makes the Chinese phone a likely candidate for a European launch by the year's end.


And with an expected retail price of US$150 (£92), the Android phone is affordable enough to appeal to a mass audience. However, its launch date is months away, and companies like HTC and Samsung have already hinted at similar possibilities in the near future.


The H7 currently ships with Android 1.5, but may come with 2.0 if available by its September launch. It also comes equipped with a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a two-megapixel CMOS sensored camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (no 3G unfortunately), FM radio, GPS and an on-board torch. Keep checking back here for updates.


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