iPhone 3G S flying out of stores

Despite receiving a degree of criticism regarding its hefty price plan and lack of innovative features, the Apple iPhone 3G S is proving to be even more popular than the first two creations. As I write this (2.30pm on 19 June), O2 claims they have already surpassed the number of iPhone 3G handsets they sold on its launch day, across all channels, with the end of day figure estimated to be 50% more.


O2 stores in particular have enjoyed ten times as many customers compared to an average day, while in the words of Amy Winehouse, black appears to be back with the black variant of the iPhone 3G S outselling the white version by three to one. Apple's iPhone OS 3.0 software which is available to owners of the first two generation iPhone's free from iTunes has also been downloaded by over half of O2's existing iPhone customers.


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