O2 comes down hard on unauthorised iPhone tetherers

The iPhone OS 3.0 update has only been out two days, but already O2 is entailing issues with their internet tethering option as hackers have begun publishing ways to enjoy free connectivity via their laptops. The OS 3.0 update enables users to connect their iPhone to a computer as a makeshift modem enabling internet access. However, in order to do this customers need to purchase an O2 Internet Tethering Bolt On at a cost of £14.68 per month for 3GB of data or £29.36 for 10GB.


O2 has told TechRadar that anyone caught tethering without using a Bolt On will be immediately disconnected. "Internet rumours suggest that some customers have modified their iPhone to enable Internet Tethering without the purchase of the Internet Tethering Bolt On. Any use of this particular feature without the purchase of the Bolt on is specifically prohibited under our terms of service. Under those terms we reserve the right to charge customers making modem use of their iPhone or disconnect them."


At present it's unclear how O2 plans to enforce this threat, but you have been warned.


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To read the full story from TechRadar, click here.

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