REVIEW: Apple iPhone OS 3.0

First off, the latest iPhone operating system is no revolutionary software - it's an evolution rather, responding to those niggling issues with the iPhone. Nearly all the features and functions iPhone users have been crying out for have been included - MMS ability, copy/paste function, landscape keyboard - plus a few extras like tethering (use your iPhone as as modem for a PC).


Device-wide search for files and media is great; camera functionality is now improved, with multiple photo attachments in email possible. We really liked the new landscape typing for SMS and email too - despite making the screen look more cluttered, it's worth it for less cramped writing. Sure, it's a switch from one-handed typing, but having the option is a plus.


My iPhone is an especially nifty addition - this GPS-utilising app helps you locate a mislaid phone or in the event of actual loss, remote wipes all its data. As well, tethering means you can share your iPhone's network connection with a PC or Mac via USB or Bluetooth - very handy in areas with low Wi-Fi signal if you don't own a mobile broadband dongle.


And of course, the fact that it's free to any iPhone user - 3G or original.


Copy and paste is a much needed feature that we're glad Apple has finally included. Unfortunately, options to cut, copy or paste pop up unwanted a little too often, and we're not sure the function works better than in third-party downloadable versions like Clippy.


And though the software upgrade is free, you have to pay to use My iPhone, while the new 'shake to shuffle or undo' feature is superfluous and gimmicky.


Despite the advertised video-record feature, this is only actually available to iPhone 3G S users. In fact, a major plus point of 3.0 should've been its faster processing times - again, this is only noticeable if you're running it on a iPhone 3G S.


Worth downloading? Definitely. Everything you ever wanted? Well... that'd be the iPhone 3G S wouldn't it? Now for that O2 contract to peter out and die already...


The iPhone 3G S hit stores today. Check out our first impressions here or read our sister title Mobile's guide to updating your iPhone.

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