Motorola Endeavour HX1 Bluetooth headset revealed

While we wait for Motorola to launch its new range of Android phones, Motorola has revealed a new Bluetooth headset to keep its recently announced Bluetooth speaker company. The headset, says the company, utilises new bone conductive technology. To be known as the Endeavour HX1, the company also stated that it will feature, "CrystalTalk noise cancellation technology with a stealth mode so you can hear and be heard in the fiercest environments."


It is the stealth mode which takes advantage of the bone conductivity technology, an area which is also utilized by military special forces, "This technology uses an ear sensor to seal off outside noise, rather than relying on an exposed exterior microphone. As you speak, the sensor taps your vocal vibrations and seamlessly converts them to speech so the listener hears your voice and only your voice," said Motorola.


The new Endeavour HX1 also includes Multipoint to allow you to connect the HX1 to more than one device. Compatible with Bluetooth 2.1, the unit is expected to be released into Europe later this year at an unspecificed price.


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