LG shows off its LTE modem

Whilst busily announcing new mobile phones and revealing new handset designs, the curtain was pulled back on a revolution of sorts at Singapore's CommunicAsia 2009 show as LG revealed a new LTE USB modem which, says the company, is capable of providing data transfers of up to 100 Mbps over a mobile network. Frankly, this blows 3G clean out of the water and opens up the mobile phone as a truly usable device with enough power to perform advanced and high definition data transfers.


According to the Mobile Whack website, the new modem, which is just the first iteration of the new technology that is expected to be integrated into all mobile phones in the future, will be available for you to buy sometime next year at an undisclosed price. The only fly in the ointment and the one aspect of this current technological advance that could slow down immediate usability is the setting up of LTE networks to support it.


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