iPhone 3G S goes on sale tomorrow from 8.02am

Set your alarm clocks folks. The new Apple iPhone 3G S hits the shelves from 8.02am (see what they've done there - "02") tomorrow while the iPhone OS 3.0 software is available to download for free now from iTunes. All Apple stores and selected O2 and Carphone Warehouse retail stores will open their doors early with other stores opening at their usual times.


The iPhone 3G S is available for free on a variety of 18 and 24 month Pay Monthly tariffs as well as a one-off payment as a prepay handset. The iPhone 3G S promises over 100 new features to what the existing iPhone's offer including the ability to MMS, record video and internet tethering which allows you to use your iPhone as a modem. Customers with the iPhone 3G will also be able to enjoy these features by downloading the OS 3.0 software, while owners of the original iPhone will be able to enjoy most if not all the updates on offer.

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