Dell Android phone looks like Palm Pre?

It may be on the basis of one blurry image from China, but observers believe that this could very well be the first Android phone from Dell - despite it looking a lot like a Palm Pre. As a new Dell phone is already rumoured to be initially targeted towards the Chinese market later this year, this sneak peak might be the real thing.


The saga of Dell entering the mobile phone market has been long and drawn out. In fact, reports have said that the company was on the verge of releasing a new line when the retailers, taking an initial look at the proposed designs, rejected the lot as being less than exciting and unlikely to do well in the market.


Dell then returned to the drawing board and, according to the Engadget website, this is the result. Despite the large touchscreen display and a video call camera, little is known about the new design. Rumours do add that a QWERTY keyboard will be included, however.


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