How much for the Apple iPhone 3G S?

The next generation Apple iPhone 3G S hits shelves on Friday, so for easy reference, here's how much O2 are asking to own a piece of Apple marvel.


Looking at the 16GB iPhone 3G S? That'll set you back anywhere from £185 on an 18 month contract at £30 per month, to free on a £73, 18 month contract. Go for the two year contract and you're looking at £175 for the handset and £35 per month (the lowest tariff at this contract length), and again, free on the £73 per month contract.


If you're plumping for the 32GB iPhone 3G S, you'll only get it free on the £73 per month two year contract. Costs on 18 month contracts runs from £275 on £30 per month to £97 on the £73 per month. On two years, you can get the swanky little thing for £175 at £35 per month; £97 on the £44 per month contract.


All these tariffs include unlimited data and Wi-Fi.


PAYG customers can get the 16GB version for £440, and the 32GB iPhone 3G S for £538.30, both of which come with one year's unlimited data and Wi-FI.


More details on the O2 site.


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