3's £0 a month contract

3 is continuing to sweeten that honeypot they call a mobile contract with their new plan - the £0 a month contract. It's called SIM ZERO and you just pay for whatever calls you make. On top of that, as with lots of other 3 tariffs, you also get free Skype-to-Skype calls and instant messaging.


The company also recently launched free Skype SIMs for all customers - not just those on 3 - and were the first to go single-digit with the £9 contract.


Talking costs - you'll get voice calls at 20p a minute, texts at 10p each, 30p per MB of data, and free voicemail. To cancel the contract, you just need to give one month's notice. 3 won't give you a SIM either, you'll have to bring your own. Yep, that would be strings well and truly detached.


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