Nokia announces three new phones

Surprise, some phones got announced that there was no (ok, less than usual) hype or rumour about. Nokia just launched three pretty spiffy sounding phones, details below:


Touch-screen music phone 5530 XpressMusic, little bro to the five star 5800 XpressMusic. Though lower-spec, the 5530 isn't exactly a slouch - you get 27 hours playback, the same high quality music player as the 5800 and a 4GB microSD card. Music can be downloaded either via syncing with a PC or directly from the Nokia Music Store. It rocks a bright 2.9-inch touch widescreen and a nice touch is the Media Bar, where media, internet and social network sites are one click away. No 3G (data speed is of the slower EDGE variety), but WLAN connectivity for hopping aboard wireless networks. Expected to ship Q3, at around EUR199.


Business and messaging master E72, followup to Mobile Choice's Phone of the Year, the E71. The E72 is the latest to Nokia's cult favourite business-meets-consumer Eseries line, and is essentially the E71 plus a few extra tricks - the desktop-like Nokia Messaging email app (debuted in the very email-friendly E75), an optical navigation key for improved scrolling and faster panning, a five-meg camera plus a 3.5mm audio jack. Quickoffice has been updated to be compatible with MS Office 2007, and like its predecessor, the E72 is A-GPS enabled, with integrated Nokia Maps. Expected to ship late Q3, for EUR350


Back to basics with the 3710 Fold. OK, so apparently the the clamshell isn't dead, as we surmised some months back. The 3710 Fold is the latest flippy phone to cross our path and it's good ol' boy type of device - easy to use, a manageable 3.2-meg camera and, well, it makes phone calls and sends texts. It also comes with GPS, Nokia Maps and you can beef the phone up a bit with downloads from Nokia's just-opened app marketplace, Ovi Store. Expected to ship Q4, EUR140.

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