Mini Kin Charger accesses wind energy

Alternative power sources and eco chargers are becoming increasingly popular in the quest to become ever greener in how we live our lives and use our mobile phones. The Mini Kin is a new option in that quest as it utilises the wind and traditional power from a laptop to store energy in its built in lithium polymer rechargeable batteries. Once charged, you can plug the device into a mobile phone for instant power. As an alternative, connect the charger to your computer using the USB to keep up a charge.


The Mini Kin, which is available now and is priced at a reasonable £29.95, can also charge other devices such as digital cameras and MP3 players, according to the Ecofriend website.


If you charge the device for 60 minutes, for example, you can transmit energy from the built in battery to a mobile phone battery providing you with talk-time of up to 100-150 minutes.


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