HP starts Friendlee, new mobile social network

Oh good, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn weren't really enough for our bulging contacts book. Hewlett Packard - yes, the computer maker - is testing out a new, 'smart', mobile social network that for some reason they've decided to call Friendlee. Code name, perhaps, hopefully?


According to the BBC, Friendlee analyses your calls and messages and creates a list of your closest contacts. Correspond more with one contact and they'll move up your list; contact them less and they'll move down.


HP says that social networks like Twitter and Facebook are misrepresentative of actual interactions between people, since they're massive but users really only contact a few other members. (Really? But all our 1,545 friends are besties!)


Friendlee members will be able to share location-based data and status updates, and will start off being available for Windows Mobile, Android and BlackBerry devices, though eventually plans are to make it run on everything.



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