Apple iPhone 3G S apps not compatible with older phones

With iPhone 3G S launching with upgraded hardware and software specs, developers may no longer be able to 'write once' when building apps for the iPhone and its different builds.


The iPhone 3G S packs a beefed up CPU with increased graphics capabilities that will mean top quality gaming. But apps built for it will be incompatible on older iPhones, according to Engadget Mobile.


Plus, the problems will mostly likely go beyond gaming. The next-gen iPhone will have a better camera, be able to shoot video, use voice control, as well as have an internal compass. Apps that target those hardware features will also be unusable on older iPhones, and will likely cause a fragmenting of the App Store.


It's not the end of the world, but Apple can no longer claim their platform is easiest to develop for. Which, you know, give the other platforms a chance, maybe? We hear this Android thing is kind of popular.

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