iPhone 3G S - CPU specs finally revealed

New information on the Apple processor has revealed that it now runs at 600Mhz and is supported by 256MB of RAM.


Apple may have launched the iPhone 3G S with the usual degree of pizzazz and hoopla while sprinkling a wide array of information and feature descriptions but the company did leave some information out - such as the intimate details of the improved processor. If the idea was to keep this information quiet, then someone forgot to tell a website in Holland, which has blurted it out.


The new information, as revealed by the iLounge website, makes interesting, comparative, reading. The internal RAM, at 256MB, is up from the 128MB seen in the vanilla 3G. The first two iPhone models both utilised a processor running at 412MHz (compared to the 3G S model running at 600MHz) while the related iPod Touch runs at 532MHz.


The 3G S also includes a new PowerVR SGX graphics chip that supports OpenGL ES 2.0, so the total speed increase relies on more than the pure CPU clock speed.


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