Samsung's first solar powered phone to be Crest

Samsung has announced that it will be releasing a new mobile phone that will be powered by sonar panels. Many believed that the Blue Earth handset would be that phone but it appears not - the first model to be released onto the market will be the Cresta, also known as the E1107. The Cresta, which is aimed at the budget market, does feature a 800mAh battery that can be charged in the usual manner but a solar panel is also fitted, on the back of the chassis. The company has stated that one hour of charging in the sun will provide five to 10 minutes extra talk time.


Resembling the E1100, the new E1107 will feature a 1.52in CSTN display, packing in 128 x 128 pixels while displaying 65K colours, says the Mobile Burn website. Other features will include a built in torch, FM radio and MP3 ringtones. The phone will be released into Europe during this month at an equivalent price of around £36.


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