Get into Palm Pre's dev mode with Konami code

No way, but yes. Despite a launch just four days ago, the Palm Pre is already the subject of a hack trick (haha!). Apparently, typing in "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" in the launch screen of the Pre opens up a hidden app called Developer Mode Enabler.


Space out that seemingly unrecognisable code and it might bring to mind the cheat code used in dozens of Konami video games in the 80s (remember Contra, 30 free lives?).


Engadget Mobile have a neat little video showing how it goes down, and say the mode is used to connect a Pre to a machine running Palm's Mojo developer's kit for the device's webOS operatin system.


Check it out, and if you have a Pre, we expect you're typing away furiously right about now.


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