iPhone 3G S gets thumbs up from games developers

The improved overall speed of the new iPhone 3G S has been met with approval by the world's games developers who intend to exploit the new facilities at the earliest opportunity.


'It's good to hear it's faster,' said Joony Koo, senior manager in the international business team of Com2uS to the Pocket Gamer website. 'A speedier device always benefits the game performance. It's the same with PC games and console games. It's especially better for online games. Application developers will be happy to get a faster device and happier that there is no additional work to do to cover the new device, as the existing apps will run just fine or better on the new device,' he said.


Koo was also interested to hear that the original 3G phone would continue to be sold at a reduced price. 'The biggest impact will come from its price,' he said. 'The launch of iPhone 3G S is dropping the price of the former iPhones. This will increase iPhone sales, which will lead to a bigger iPhone application audience.'


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