3 launches one-month mobile broadband SIM

Mobile broadband is just going nuts in the UK huh? With Nokia's recent unveiling of three entry-level internet phones (right), and 3's new crunch-busting tariff, nobody has any excuse to not be online all the time, anywhere, and that's just the way we'd have it.


Anyway, so 3 has just launched a no-contract (well, almost) mobile broadband SIM where you get 5GB for £15, and only need to give 30 days notice to cancel it.


Not that we like to play favourites, but this does give you 2GB more of data per month than any other operator for the exact same price. 5GB is around 5,000 emails or 50 hours of websurfing.


You can also get a dongle with the same data load for £19.99 one-off, and same monthly charge.



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