Nokia working on ambient charging technology

Researchers from the Nokia Research Centre, in Cambridge, England, are working on a new breed of recharging technologies for mobile phones including a system based upon the ambient electromagnetic radiation principle.


The idea is that a future Nokia phone would never have to be charged from a wall socket or even via a solar radiation (such as the phones seen via Samsung and Sharp). The research is looking into the phone picking up radiation that is currently freely circulating all around us and is emanated from the likes of mobile phone masts, for example, converting that into usable electric signals, according to the Technology Review website.,


Working on the same principle as RFID (Radio-frequency identification), a prototype has been constructed to harvest five milliwats which is not a lot but a start. Researchers are working on another model to produce 10 times that amount that will allow a switched off battery to recharge - albeit rather slowly.


Markku Rouvala, one of Nokia's researchers from the Cambridge centre, says that " is possible to put this into a product within three to four years."


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