iPhone OS 3.0 out on June 17

The world's most hyped phone (sorry, Palm Pre) isn't just out, it's got a new operating system too, iPhone OS 3.0, which will be available worldwide for older-gen iPhones on June 17.


The OS was officially unveiled in March at an Apple online conference, to finally include that bloody copy-paste function, the ability to send/receive MMSes and push notification of emails. We're particularly excited about stereo Bluetooth - no more freakin' cables.


According to Mobile Burn, Apple are also making the push notification API available, so that applications that aren't currently running can still send notifications. And OS 3.0 will also include built-in device-wide search, as well in-phone micropayments for apps, so developers can sell content directly to users.


As well, tethering will be supported, allowing you to connect your iPhone to a computer via Bluetooth or USB and use it as a modem. O2 and Vodafone had been looking at the function earlier this year, and at launch 22 carriers worldwide will support the feature, though it seems the US may be left out - iPhone carrier AT&T wasn't on the list.

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