Apple iPhone 3GS out on June 17

So the suspense is over. The new iPhone has been announced and there's not long to wait. On June 19 the UK will be one of eight countries to see the new hardware. Not that it looks any different. At all.


The changes are all inside - the 3-megapixel camera, faster processor and digital compass. Oh, and as rumoured, the hard drives are being beefed up to 16GB and 32GB while the 8GB current model will continue to be around at a lower price. But the software improvements, many made possible by the updated software available on June 17, are pretty cool.


Like video recording with a neat timeline across the top of the screen and onboard editing with touch. Or the very neat My iPhone where, if you mislay your phone you can set it make a sonar-like noise (even if it's set to silent) until you find it, providing you're a MobileMe customer. You can also instruct it to send a text message and ring so someone else can find it for you. And if it really is lost, this program can also remote-wipe the phone.


In all, it's a neat set of upgrades which will mostly annoy anyone who's bought in the last week or two and who sees the price of their hardware cut. Hands-on report to follow...

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