Opera Mobile 9.7 beta out for Windows Mobile

The already excellent Opera Mobile browser gets a turbo charge with the release of the 9.7 beta for Windows Mobile.


Looks-wise, it may not differ to much from predecessor 9,5 (right), but according to Mobile Burn, new feature Opera Turbo pumps up rendering speeds by putting the load on Opera's third-party server instead of on the phone. It also compresses data to speed transfer by up to 80%. That's quite a lot of percents.


Presto 2.2 is the rendering engine in desktop Opera and should help display pages faster too. Finally, Opera Widgets has enhanced support so that widget downloads should be faster, and Google Gears is supported as well.


Want more? Check out our Top 5 Browsing Phones. And to score a copy of the beta, head here.

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