Sony Ericsson announces green phones

Just like food and manufacturing industries got 'greenwashed' some years back, now the tech sector is experiencing a similar sweep of eco-guilt. Sony Ericsson is the latest company to announce green(er) phones - its GreenHeart products come with e-manuals to reduce paper usage by over 90%, are packaged with less material to reduce transport emissions, and made from minimum 50% recycled plastics.


The flagship product of the line is the C901 GreenHeart, which comes with a low-power charger, energy-saving display and the MH300 headset, made mostly of recycled plastics. It's also got a five-meg snapper with Xenon flash and one-click photo uploading.


The lower-spec Naite has a two-meg camera and music player, and both are of the classic Sony E candybar style. Both also have 'eco-friendly' apps on board that do things like calculate your CO2 emission, which, if not exactly saving the environment, will probably make you feel bad about it at least. And after all, isn't that incentive?


And if sustainable production just isn't enough, you've got Samsung's solar touch-screen phone and eco-chargers to green out your existing handset.

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