LG watch phone to be released in UK in July

LG's eagerly awaited watch phone, which was previously slated for an end of year release, is now destined to be issue in July via Orange and Carphone Warehouse in the UK.


First seen at the MWC show in February, the new LG GD910 features a suitably dinky touchscreen measuring just 1.43in. It is of TFT quality, however. The display packs in 176 x 220 pixels. Other features include fast data transfer via HSDPA at a very sprightly 7.2Mbps plus video calling, for those Star Trek moments. An MP3 player will be included for entertainment purposes and Bluetooth with A2DP will be present for short-range wireless connections. A text-to-speech facility will also be included, according to the Unwired website.


The UK price has yet to be revealed but, apparently, the final European price will be in the region of €1,000.


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