Vertu style phone utilises 'ancient steel forging'

Vertu, the luxury style phone manufacturer which is owned by Nokia, has joined Mobiado and Gresso in unveiling a new style mobile phone. Taken from its Ascent Ti collection and to be known as the Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel, the new handset reportedely uses a new manufacturing process the company terms as "ancient steel forging", a technique that, says Vertu, increases the metal's hardness. The process was used, in historical terms, to create Samurai swords (katana) and Indian Wootz swords  - useful, we suppose, when chucking at the paparazzi during an unwarranted photocall.


The quite aggressively style handset includes a QVGA screen. The Vertu will run on the S40 operating system while providing GSM / UMTS connectivity, according to the Sybarites website. Other features include 4GB of internal memory and a 3.2-megapixel camera plus flash.


Only 100 copies of the phone will be available for sale but a final release date and price is not yet known.


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