INQ to release Twitter phone

INQ, the London-based company that produced the INQ1 Facebook mobile phone last year, is now proposing to release another social networking handset but, this time, devoted the messaging phenomenom that is Twitter.


The outfit stated that since Twitter is such as popular service, it seemed reasonable to produced a phone that featured the web-based client, according to the Reuters website. It is also attempting to stay one step ahead of the competition, such as LG, which is releasing it's own social networking handsets.


Apparently, the new phone design will utilise Internet connections to send the Tweets, the 140-character messages, as opposed to the text messages that Twitter itself uses.

"This can really help open up and drive Twitter use on mobile when usage becomes part of your data package like on the PC," said Frank Meehan, chief executive of INQ.

The new handset is not expected to feature many high-end features as its proposed price of around £85 will indicate.


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