Sony Ericsson launch: Aino media phone

As part of Sony Ericsson's new Entertainment Unlimited line of phones, the company launched three new media phones last night - the 12-meg Satio, the casual gaming phone Yari, and media handset Aino.


Aino is part of the Sony E's new thing about integrating all the media in the house - they're particularly excited about its tie-in with the PS3. The Aino can act as a remote for PS3 content, and you'll also be able to stream TV and content through the PS3 and play it on the Aino. Plus, Sony E's new Media Go means you'll be able to wirelessly sync and transfer podcasts, music, photos and video between PC and phone.


Other specs include a three-inch touch-screen, Wi-Fi, an eight-meg cam with associated Smile Shot, Face Detection style apps, 8GB expandable microSD memory, A-GPS and Bluetooth.


Interesting side note: Sony E is doing away with model numbers; instead, future media-ry phones will all have proper names like Aino.

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