Sony Ericsson launch: Yari gaming phone

Sony E had an official global launch last night - they announced three new phones (well, two - we've known about the 12-meg Idou-now-known-as-the-Satio since the dawn of time, er, Mobile World Congress back in Feb).


One is a casual gaming phone - the Yari, the first phone Sony E has launched outside of tech paradise Japan that features gesture control gaming. Apparently, the Yari video records your motions, and translates them into motions within whatever game you are playing. We tested out a yoga game (wild and crazy, we know) and a Wii Fit-style one. It was quite reminiscent of the Sony PlayStation Eye, which makes sense - Sony Ericsson's got a step up on a lot of other manufacturers just from having the Sony association.


Its other USP is the 'Gaming Carousel' - a menu of games which you can have running in the background, and in fact as a carousel you can scroll through the homescreen. It also comes with a small stand so you can prop the phone up while you're gesture-gaming away - we're not quite sure this makes sense, having a 'mobile' gaming platform you have to actually prop somewhere to play with.


Other specs include a 2.4-inch non touch-screen, music player, a five-meg camera and usual suite of Sony E camera apps, A-GPS but no Wi-Fi, so it'll be priced on the lower end of the contract spectrum.


Price around 400 euros, with release in Q4.

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