World's first flexible AMOLED screen almost ready

Samsung has been working on a flexible version of the AMOLED screen technology for some time. It has now declared that a screen spanning 6.5-inch is almost ready for mass production and may be destined for the next generation of mobile devices.


Samsung is in the midst of releasing a range of new mobile phones based on the new AMOLED screen technology, such as the S5050 and the Galaxy. Apparently, it will provide an improved performance over standard technology while actually being cheaper to produce than competing products, said the Telecoms Korea website. Until now, the costs issue for the new, flexible version of the screen technology has been a problem. However, Samsung has now adopted new materials that simplify the manufacturing process.


AMOLEDs are sought after because, unlike general displays, they produce their own light, removing the need for expensive backlighting parts as found on LCD screens. AMOLED screens are also brighter and improve the user view when looked at from different angles.


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