Motorola mobile phone release includes Widgets

Motorola has announced the forthcoming release of the A1200R mobile phone which is a redesign of the A1200 MING, a design that was released in 2006 and did relatively well for the company.


The immediate differences in design between the original A1200 MING and the new A1200R are slight. Despite the fact the both phones also run on a Linux-based operating system, the new A1200R really comes into its own with its app selection and extra features. The new release will, for example, include a series of Widgets, an interface made popular by Samsung in its Tocco phone and, more recently, offered by LG with it's new Viewty Smart. The Motorola design, will, according to the Softpedia website, include facilities such as access to news, the weather and the like. The phone will also offer access to Microsoft Office documents for editing and a business card scanner will be included too with built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. A FM radio and a 1GB memory card will also be featured.


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