Nokia Pulse Projector creates top-notch picture quality

Yanko Design has followed outfits such as Samsung and Optima in developing a mobile-based projector.


The Nokia Pulse Projector, a new concept for the manufacturer, is based on an independent device and is designed to enhance the relationship between a mobile phone and mobile applications.


Featuring an LED projector and a NXT speaker along with Bluetooth for a wireless connection to the parent phone, the cuboid device is placed on a flat surface, the head is then adjusted to suit the projection surface and then the accompanying Pulse software is started on the phone to get the device underway.


The Nokia Pulse is based on high quality DLP technology that gives the resultant image excellent colour resolution and solid colour reproduction via a resolution of 1280×768 and 1500:1 contrast ratio with picture sizes, says the designer, Miika Mahonen, ranging from 15 inches diagonally up to 60 inches at 7.87 feet. 


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