Samsung announces low cost phone as ideal second phone

Samsung is addressing the budget market with a new mobile phone release that features a sliding chassis configuration. To be known as the T239, the new handset will feature only basic features but will be ideal for those who need a second phone to act as a back-up or to remain in a fixed location, such as in your car, for emergencies.


The T239, to be available in dark scarlet and grey, will offer a 177 x 220 pixels TFT display. Measuring 1.87 x 3.78 x 0.68in, the phone will include Bluetooth for wireless connection for accessories such as a headset. A camera is built in but the specification for the facility has yet to be revealed. Internal memory is low at just 10MB, according to the Cell Phone Signal website, which emphasizes the basic nature of the design. It will include functional services, however, such as MMS, myFaves and Web2go.


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