Nokia users: better Ovi Maps, Google Sync app

Nokia's online maps platform Ovi Maps just got a little more awesome. New features announced for the mobile and desktop service include high-res satellite and terrain maps in 2D and 3D, new controls for navigation, and 3-D landmarks for over 200 cities.


The company also announced the release of the Ovi Maps API which will allow Ovi Maps to be embedded into any website. According to Mobile Burn, Nokia hopes this will be the first step in creating new apps that make use of location-based data.


To sweeten life for Nokia users even further, Google has just released a beta of Google Sync, though only on handsets running the Symbian S60 operating system - that's recent higher-end Nokias like the E75 (right) and 5630 XpressMusic, as well as non-Nokias like the upcoming high-def video recording Samsung Omnia HD, and Sony Ericsson's much-hyped 12-megapixel Idou.


The app syncs Google calendar and contact data with handsets, and you can edit the info either on your phone or online. Sign up for the free beta at the Google Sync site.

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