Google wants to make your smartphone...smarter

Google, which has been working on a range of software utilities to improve the intelligence of your phone from barcode reading to location services, has recently posted a variety of patents that aims to increase the productivity and intelligence of your smartphone.


One in particular, called Activating Applications Based on Accelerometer Data, monitors your accelerometer so that it can monitor what you're up to (i.e. riding a bike, jogging, driving in your car, etc) and respond accordingly. Google wants to combine the data derived from the accelerometer and link that into the phone's built-in GPS facility to find out where you are when this data is received. After a few weeks of learning about your movements, the intention is that your phone will become your smart pal.


According to the Google patent, if you intend to take an early morning jog, your handset could automatically launch a music player as you get underway. When, on the other hand, you drive your car to work, the phone could automatically switch to speakerphone mode and then launch a podcast. Finally, if you're on the train and you want to read the news, your phone's browser could appear, without prompting, offering local, business and world news.


Research is still on-going but, if implemented well, we may need to change that old saying to, "A man's best friend is his smartphone."


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