7 reasons you want the LG Viewty Smart

Thought last year's five-megapixel Viewty was a sexy smartphone and super functional to boot? LG just upped the ante with the imminent launch of its followup, the Viewty Smart, an eight-megapixel cam-phone with Schneider-Kreuznach lens and a capacitive, iPhone-style touch-screen. Here's why you need one.


1 Photos like a pro's - the Viewty Smart's range of 'smart' camera apps will auto-adjust all the settings you can't be bothered to learn about


2 Top notch night time shots - you can adjust its camera settings for light sensitivity up to ISO 1600


3 Hyper clear videos - record them moving pictures in a DVD-quality D1 format


4 Slick, stylish user interfacing - the Viewty Smart rocks the same 3D widget-friendly UI as LG's multimedia powerhouse Arena


5 Big boy's memory - 1.5GB internal plus a microSD slot expandable up to 16GB is a whole lot of pictures, movies and music


6 Surround sound - Dolby Mobile technology means high fidelity audio with rich, full bass and hyper clear treble.


7 It's a downloading demon - HSDPA download speeds up to 7.2Mbps means media in a matter of minutes, and it's no slouch in the web surfing department either


PLUS Wi-Fi, A-GPS, and a sizeable three-inch touch-screen. Expected launch date - this month.


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