Palm Pre out first week of June

No seriously, everyone. The Palm Pre is, like, so about to launch. In the June in fact. First week of. How do we know? Reputable news source the New York Times says so, according to about 82% of the tech-o-sphere.


Citing "people briefed on the company's plans" (hey, we know some of those too), the Times says that US network Sprint will launch the touch-screen, full QWERTY Pre smartphone in the first week of June.


We'd be tempted to go 'hmph' and prepare the boudoir for the sexy new LG Viewty Smart instead, but various launch dates set in summer have been bandied about quite a bit for the Pre - said to be next coming of Christ, sorry, iPhone killer for its apparently kickass new operating system WebOS - so maybe this is one substantiated rumour.


None of this of course means we in the UK will be getting even a grubby finger near it. Launch date TBC, in other words.

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